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Specialist on embroidery and printing

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We have been in the market for 30 years and we are still developing our skills

We have experience with large state orders, complete dressing of a large corporation, but also with small orders where we embroider a few T-shirts. Since 1992, we have established cooperation with a number of interesting clients. The best sign for us is that these clients return to us regularly.

Combination of technologies

We are constantly expanding our capabilities and using new technologies. Thanks to this, we are able to face even big challenges. We can combine individual technologies well.

Srdce česká vlajka

Czech family company

Textile decoration may be understood by others as well. It is also important for us what kind of background we have and how we work together. We all know each other, that's why it works so well for us.

Quick delivery

We are doing our best to serve you as quickly as possible. Thanks to our capacities, we manage to implement several orders at the same time.

Rich experience

We benefit from the experience we have gathered during the thirty years we have been on the market. We still enjoy it, we have visions (we want to grow) and we are not afraid of new things.

Logo Kříž

Our main focus

Embroidery and printing

The most popular textile decoration technology

Company textile

We will supply you with corporate textiles according to your wishes


We manufacture and supply labels in several designs

Church clothes

We are specialists in the production of custom-made church clothes

State administration

In addition to commercial orders, we also cooperate with state administration entities, to whom we supply our high-quality and reliable products.