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Printed , or woven labels ?

Labels are part of every clothes. It can show company logo, informations about the product, way of treating the product or country of origin.
We can offer you the right material of the label , optimal size and right technology.

Woven label

Tkaná etiketa
  • elegant look
  • feels softer on the clothes
  • could be delivered with folded sides or folded in half
  • minimum quantity 1000 pcs.
  • limitation in number of colors
  • imperfect color transitions
  • longer term of delivery

Printed label

Tištěná etiketa na oblečení
  • minimum quantity 200 pcs.
  • glossy or matte base
  • random color numbers and perfect transitions
  • label can be cut in every shape
  • shorter term of delivery
  • harder material than woven label
  • delivered straight without folded sides or folded in half

Ways of label production

Shaped labels

Labels don´t have to be produced only in shapes like square or rectangle. We can also produce shaped labels – the edge of the lable copies the graphic.

Size and treatment labels

The most common labels are size labels S, M, L, XL and washing symbols. Thanks our way of printing can be the label nice part of the textile.
We are producing all labels from pleasant soft material.

Textile name labels

Do you need to add a name, number or title on your clothes ? We have a great solution for you. Printed name labels with ironing foil.
Those can be in various colors and size and are can be applicated on textile simply with ironing.

Our services


We can evaluate how to decorate which textile. We will consider which technology will best suit the purpose.


If you prefer to choose the product in person, visit our showroom. 

Graphic designs

We are able to prepare graphic designs, or we can produce a sample for your approval.

Sewing work

Labels, patches, etc. that we produce for you, can be directly sewed on choosen textile.


We can pack the products by one piece. We can also prepare gift package.

Personal meeting

You can have a look around our company and check various techniques of decorating

Minimum quantity


Quality on the first place

We are glad to make our job great. We would like to give you an advance, bring a high quality work and process your order as quickly as possible.

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