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Zipper pulls

The zipper pull is a brilliant place to attach your advertising logo. Zippers are mainly provided on sweatshirts, jackets or handbags, so why not make the rider special with an original strap?

Decorative zipper pull: practical and effective

A simple but very effective solution is a sublimated loop. It is attached by threading the slider and facilitates the manipulation of the zipper. The puller can be printed with any graphic, from subtle to very imaginative. The strap does not lose color through washing and is sealed to prevent fraying. It can also be used as a decorative or promotional zipper tag.

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Taháček na zip na firemním textilu, sublimovaný
Taháčky na zip s logem firmy, sublimovaný

In this way, you will elegantly and permanently endow the clothes with your own brand

You don’t know what can be made (different sizes, colors, etc.), contact us and we will help you choose an attractive design of the loop. You can send us a photo of the item you want to provide with a zipper pull and we will suggest possible solutions. If you have your own graphic design, we will make the loops for you based on it.

Reflective zipper pull

An ideal safety accessory for jackets, backpacks and other articles can be a pull rod made of reflective material. They can be printed with a simple graphic or logo. Not only the zippers of jackets and sweatshirts, but also the fastening of various pockets, can be equipped with a decorative loop, which increases the visibility of a person in the dark.

Ask for zipper pulls
taháček na zip reflexní

Our services


We can evaluate how to decorate which textile. We will consider which technology will best suit the purpose.


If you prefer to choose the product in person, visit our showroom. 

Graphic designs

We are able to prepare graphic designs, or we can produce a sample for your approval.

Sewing work

Labels, patches, etc. that we produce for you, can be directly sewed on choosen textile.


We can pack the products by one piece. We can also prepare gift package.

Personal meeting

You can have a look around our company and check various techniques of decorating

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Quality on the first place

We like to do a good job. We want to give you good advice, treat you to high quality processing and process your order quickly. We are thinking about the best way to accommodate you. We care about your every order.

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