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Sublimation printing

Graphic is “pressed” in the textile by high temperature. Material has to be 100% polyester. It´s almost impossible to wash the colour from the textile after printing. Colors are still the same after several washes. ( most common use for ice-hockey or cycling jerseys, etc. )

Main advantages of this technology

  • many colors graphic print is possible
  • still the same shade of colors after several washes
  • resistant for washing in high temperatures
Sítotisk na textil stroj a výroba


On which material can be used this kind of technology?

Sublimation printing can be used only on 100% polyester.

In which format is it optimal to send graphic data for production ?

Graphic data should be send “in curves”, in formats like ( .ai, .cdr , or .pdf)

Depends the price on number of colors and quantity ?

By this technology it does not depend on the quantity and number of colors.

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