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Screen printing

The most common way of textile printing.
It is necessary to use cotton textile ( 100% cotton is optimal ).
Suitable for larger quantity.

Main advantages of technology

  • great for larger quantity of printing
  • high durability of the print
  • possibility of printing larger graphics
Stroje na sítotisk

Price of this technology depends on the quantity and number of colors and therefore it is more usable for 1 or 2 colors graphics in large quantity ( T-shirts for concerts, sport events or T-shirts for companies for the employees in the production ).


In which case is this technology most suitable?

Screen printing is the most suitable in case you are looking for simply graphics and bigger quantity of textile. It´s still the most common way of printing.

On which material can be used this kind of technology?

It is the best to use it on textiles with minimum 70% of cotton. Optimal is 100% cotton. In case textile includes more polyester than 30%, transfer print must be used.

In which format is it optimal to send graphic data for production ?

Graphic data should be send “in curves”, in formats like ( .ai, .cdr , or .pdf)

Depends the price on number of colors and quantity ?

In case of screen print price is set by quantity and number of colors. The most valuable variant is then one-coloured graphic in large quantity.

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