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Digital transfer printing

Can be used on all types of textiles. As it is a digital print, the motif can have an unlimited number of colors and gradients. The print will not be damaged even with greater mechanical stress. The advantage is also the low price with a larger quantity produced.

Main advantages of this technology

  • application on all kinds of materials
  • possible to print a motif with many color transitions
  • very durable printing technology
  • possibility of delivery of individual motifs on transfer film
Detail digitálního transferu papoušek


In which case is this technology most suitable?

Digital transfer is suitable for almost all textiles. Thanks to its flexibility and durability, it can be used both on T-shirts and on stronger outerwear.

On which material can be used this kind of technology?

It can be applied both to cotton textiles and to a mixture of cotton and polyester, but also to textiles that are 100% polyester.

In which format is it optimal to send graphic data for production ?

Graphic data should be send “in curves”, in formats like ( .ai, .cdr , or .pdf)

Depends the price on number of colors and quantity ?

The number of colors does not affect the price, as it is a digital print and the number of colors and color conversions is not limited in any way. Quantity affects the price, and compared to other printing technologies, digital transfer is very advantageous even for orders with a smaller number of pieces.

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