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Laser engraving on textile

In addition to full cutout, our laser can also engrave. It is most often engraved into felt or microfleece. Engraving consists in the fact that the laser does not cut the specified motif through the material, but only “burns” the motif by removing the top layer of the given material. The engraved motif is usually a few shades darker than the color of the material into which it is engraved, which brings a pleasant and decent effect. We recommend engraving in materials of lighter color shades, where this decoration technology stands out best.

Main advantages of this technology

  • special way of decorating
  • high accuracy
  • low price of technology
Strojové gravírování laserem


What is laser engraving and on which materials is it usable?

Engraving is an interesting and very decent variant of decoration. At a lower burning temperature, the laser removes the top layer of the material and the engraved motif is several shades darker than the original material. Can be engraved in felt, cardboard or leatherette. Cannot be engraved into leather and PVC materials.

In what format should the graphic materials for production be sent?

It is always best to send graphic materials “in curves”, in formats such as (.ai, .cdr, or .pdf)

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