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Embroideries and patches on textile and clothes

Patchwork is a popular form of decorating textiles. It is suitable for almost all types of textiles and their accessories. A big advantage of the patch is the possibility to deliver the motif to the customer separately. Since there is usually an iron-on film on the back of the patch, in some cases the customer can apply the motif to a T-shirt or cap himself. However, the most suitable option is to sew the patch around the perimeter of the fabric after ironing it. The patch always has an embroidered frame.

Main advantages of technology

  • universal use
  • high durability
  • applicable on various types of clothes
Vyšívací stroje Tajima ve firmě Kříž


In the event that the motif does not allow for a fully embroidered patch (too many colors or color transitions), it is possible to deliver a sublimated patch, i.e. a patch with print. The desired motif is then printed on a matte or glossy background and a frame is again embroidered around it.

Znak České republiky nášivka sublimační tisk
Nášivka kombinace tisku a výšivky znak české republiky

Combination of embroidery and printing

The most creative variant is an appliqué in a combination of embroidery and print. Here, for example, only the background of the patch can be printed, and the text or the main logo can be embroidered. For this last type of modification, the graphic design must again be satisfactory, and here too it depends on the assessment of our sampler.

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