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Machine embroidery

Machine embroidery is still the most popular and luxurious variant of decorating textiles with a long tradition. It has a wide range of uses for both leisure and corporate textiles. An embroidered company logo always looks very professional and that is why this type of decoration is usually also used for government orders (for example, firefighter ranks and numbers).

Main advantages of technology

  • high durability
  • elegant look
  • aplicable on every kind of material
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It is also the very first technology offered by our company when it was founded. Machine embroidery is also a technology in which our company has the most experience and in which it belongs to the best in the country.


How will the embroidery be transferred?

This will be recommended by our technologist, who will choose the appropriate type of stitch for the given size and use of the embroidery. We offer you our skills and knowledge gathered over more than 30 years.

Garment embroidery can only be made with basic stitches such as straight stitch, cross stitch or stitch fillings. Various contours and effects are added in fillings, or multi-colored thread – ombré. Our technologists will recommend the appropriate type of thread and stitching method when designing the embroidery.

How many colors can be used by embroidery?

There can be up to 15 colors in one embroidery as standard. But if you want more, we can solve this too. We also embroider complex motifs. To achieve an interesting effect, we use the technique of overlapping stitches and sinking individual fillings into each other. For example, shadows in the face, or simulation of animal fur.

How can embroidery on textiles look like?

Machine embroidery can be very subtle, almost invisible.

When decorating women’s underwear and girls’ clothes, embroidery in the color of the underlying material is very common. But not only there. Even the company logo is often embroidered in the color of the garment. The result is very decent. We have a wide range of thread colors at our disposal, so we are able to find the right shade for your clothing.

On which materials can we place an embroidery ?

In general, anything that stitches an embroidery needle. We will decorate your t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, hats, bags, work clothes, tablecloths, pillows…

Almost anything can be embroidered. From delicate chiffons, silks, canvas, to heavy layered fabrics, straps, leather.

Do you have any special material? Contact us and we will let you know which technology is best to choose.

In addition, we will send you reference samples on the requested materials, or we will test the embroidery directly on your material.

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