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Applicated embroideries

This is the application of another fabric or felt to the textile and subsequent stitching with an embroidered frame. It is often used for the production of numbers for sports jerseys, or in the creative solution of some logos.

Main advantages of this technology

  • special way of decorating
  • high durability
Vyšívací stroje ve firmě Kříž v Letovicích

With the help of additional material, we can create richer and more colorful embroidery

In this case, it is an application on the knitted material (polo shirt) with a complementary color of the knitted fabric. The hemming is created by effective combined stitching. The result looks very fresh.

Detail výšivky na textilu
Aplikovaná výšivka na textilu detail čísla

Applications used for embroidery can be made of different materials

It is possible to let your imagination run wild and not be afraid to experiment. It is possible to further embroider and layer other applications over the applied areas.

Combination of embroidery and printing

Embroidering small letters in the text is quite problematic, especially if the font is 3 mm high. Here we use the option of printing graphics that cannot be processed with embroidery in the required quality.

Aplikovaná výšivka na textilu sportovní klub
Aplikovaná výšivka detail na textilu

Solution for color gradients

For this embroidery on red terry, printed textile material was used for the appliqué. You can also print color transitions that the embroidery does not allow us to render sufficiently.

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