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3D embroidery on textile and caps

A very popular and modern form of embroidery, which in most cases is embroidered on caps. Due to its height, the 3D embroidery creates a spatial impression and thus creates a luxurious and special product from the cap.

Main advantages of technology

  • modern way of embroidery
  • luxurious decorating
  • high durability
Stroje vyšívající motiv na kšiltovky na zakázku

It is not always possible to embroider a motif in 3D. Whether the motif is suitable for editing with 3D embroidery must be assessed by our samplers. It depends on the complexity of the logo, its thickness, the amount of details and also the overall size. Even in 3D embroidery, our company is one of the best in the field.

3D embroidery on beanies

We have recently adjusted the 3D embroidery for knitted caps as well. Nowadays, this 3D embroidery is common on caps, but it is a new thing on knitted caps.

Pletená čepice s plastickou výšivkou
Moderní 3D výšivka na oblečení

3D or plastic embroidery

It is widely used especially for caps and embroidered emblems. However, it can also be successfully used on knitted goods such as t-shirts, sweatshirts and sports sweaters.

It is not always possible to produce 3D

Only selected details are perfect for plastic embroidery. Not every graphic can be processed successfully with this technique. The sample is embroidered with lurex thread.

plastická výšivka detail
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