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Reflective patches

Since the beginning of 2016, pedestrians have a new legal obligation – to be equipped with reflective elements when visibility is reduced. With our reflective patches, you will not only comply with the law, but your jacket, sweatshirt or other type of clothing will get a new attractive look thanks to this impressive element.

Reflective reflectors - patches for the dark

The patch can be made with an embroidered motif (e.g. children’s motifs), as a simple inscription (e.g. company name), but also as a simple, classic stripe, triangle, or other shape in different sizes without any embroidery inside, but also as a combination with by printing.

We can also create a more complex motif using a laser that can be ironed onto the garment.

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Our services


We can evaluate how to decorate which textile. We will consider which technology will best suit the purpose.


If you prefer to choose the product in person, visit our showroom. 

Graphic designs

We are able to prepare graphic designs, or we can produce a sample for your approval.

Sewing work

Labels, patches, etc. that we produce for you, can be directly sewed on choosen textile.


We can pack the products by one piece. We can also prepare gift package.

Personal meeting

You can have a look around our company and check various techniques of decorating

Minimum quantity


Quality on the first place

We like to do a good job. We want to give you good advice, treat you to high quality processing and process your order quickly. We are thinking about the best way to accommodate you. We care about your every order.

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