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Embroideries on poloshirts - original printing

Polo shirt – or T-shirt with a collar. It is possible to deliver polo shirts in different weights and in two finishes (smooth cotton / pique pattern). Polo shirts are best suited, for example, for administrative employees or for more representative types of events. Here, too, we can offer many sizes from children’s to oversized.

Selection of polo shirts for illustration.
We offer much more.

Reklamní trička připravená k potisku

Large sortiment of poloshirts and shirts

Information that we purchase textiles from several suppliers. The images here are for illustration purposes only. It is therefore possible to choose the cut and color as desired. Further information about the sample room.

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Printing or embroidery ?

Each technology has its own specifics. Sometimes embroidery is more suitable, other times a print or a combination is ideal. Send us the print motif and we will advise you on what would be the most suitable for your polo shirt.

Luxusní kvalitní výšivka státního znaku


It is the most luxurious way of textile decorating. It is almost indestructible and lasts on textiles without changing colors or signs of wear.

Detail sublimačního tisku na textil, motiv českého státního symbolu

Sublimation printing

It is suitable if the graphics of the motif do not allow the use of embroidery (the reason may be too many details or color transitions).

Detail kombinace výšivky a sublimačního tisku na motivu českého státního znaku


If the size is small or there are too many details of the motif, then a combination of embroidery and sublimation printing is suitable.

Our services


We can evaluate how to decorate which textile. We will consider which technology will best suit the purpose.


If you prefer to choose the product in person, visit our showroom. 

Graphic designs

We are able to prepare graphic designs, or we can produce a sample for your approval.

Sewing work

Labels, patches, etc. that we produce for you, can be directly sewed on choosen textile.


We can pack the products by one piece. We can also prepare gift package.

Personal meeting

You can have a look around our company and check various techniques of decorating

Minimum quantity


Quality on the first place

We like to do a good job. We want to give you good advice, treat you to high quality processing and process your order quickly. We are thinking about the best way to accommodate you. We care about your every order.

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